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Long Beach Divorce Mediation

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Resolve all of the issues a judge would decide, such as asset and debt division, property division, child custody, and support in an effective and respectful way.


Confidential and less stressful for everyone involved with no intrusive court evaluations needed so your family is left as whole as possible.


Our one-time flat fee is all inclusive of filing fees, court costs, your mediation appointments, communication with our team, and paperwork preparation.

Create The Best Future For Your Family


Mediation is a process where you and your spouse sit down with a trained neutral to resolve the issues of your marriage without going to court. The process is cost effective, respectful of your emotions, and fast (generally and depending on your needs). In mediation, you can resolve all of the issues a judge would decide, such as asset and debt division, property division, child custody, and support. The difference is that the decision is in your hands, not in the hands of a judge who does not know you or your children.

Your trained attorney-mediator will give you information and guidance throughout the process to make sure you and your spouse are able to make informed decisions about your future. Your mediator will also work to create an environment of trust and transparency, which will allow you to openly communicate about your needs. Due to the respectful nature of mediation, a foundation for continued cooperation is established.

At Alternative Divorce Solutions, we are familiar with the pain and devastation a litigated divorce can cause. It is our mission to provide you and your family a better way.


  • Mediation is a voluntary process that is driven by the cooperation of parties who share a common goal to reach a mutually-beneficial settlement.
  • Mediation is significantly less expensive, leaving more assets for you and your family.
  • Instead of having a judge who does not know the parties determine the outcome, couples make their own decisions regarding parenting plans, division of property and division of assets.
  • A successful mediation can be accomplished sooner than a litigated divorce — often within the 6 month, one day waiting period.
  • Mediation is a private and confidential process, so the dignity of your family is protected.
  • Mediation is an out-of-court process protecting all members from the war-zone of court battles.
Top 10 Reasons To Choose Mediation:


Mediation works on your timeline. You do not have to depend on a judge to control the timeline or outcome of your divorce. With the assistance of a trained attorney-mediator, you and your spouse can create a customized plan for your future on your terms.


In mediation, you decide what type of agreement will suit your needs. At Alternative Divorce Solutions, we do not try to fit a “square peg into a round hole.” We work closely with you, and often your trusted advisers (accountants, financial planners, family therapists) to assist you in creating a custom agreement. You do not have to have a judge who does not know you make decisions for your life.


Mediation is a cooperative solution. At Alternative Divorce Solutions, we guide your discussions so they are respectful and productive. Handling conflict constructively leaves you feeling more at ease about the difficulties you are experiencing. You don’t have to “get mean” or play games like you might feel compelled to do in a litigated divorce.


In mediation, both parties are on an equal playing field. With the guidance of the mediator, both people are able to voice their concerns and make informed choices for themselves. Because both people are receiving the same information at the same time, the power differential that can occur in litigation is eliminated.


When two people are willing to work together, share the needed information openly, and come to a solution, it is less stressful for everyone involved. The media portrayal and horror stories about divorce are not the only way. Having less stress frees up your energy to deal with the other changes that are going on in your life. You deserve to make a smooth transition.


If during the mediation, you end up needing more support, we have a team of experts to join your support system. We work with counselors, child experts, real estate agents, estate planners and others to help support you.


In mediation, you will be reminded that although you cannot change the past, you can create a good outcome for your future. There is no need to “air dirty laundry” or harm the other person’s reputation in court. Instead, in mediation, you will work together towards a common goal. Mediation is confidential; therefore, whatever is said in the room, stays in the room.


In mediation, we will work with you to develop a parenting plan. Children no longer have to be a pawn in the game of divorce. Mediation is proven to be better for children and their relationship with their parents. In team mediation, we also have the option to work with a parenting coach who can assist you in creating the best parenting plan for your children. No intrusive court evaluations are needed and your family is left as whole as possible.


You get to decide together how long it will take to settle your case. The timeline will depend on your follow through with paperwork and your flexibility in working together during our sessions. At Alternative Divorce Solutions, it is possible that your case can be settled as early as one month. However, CA statutory timelines will still apply. Ask your mediator about the timeline for your case.

In a litigated divorce, the process can be dragged out for many months or years.


Our firm charges a one-time, flat fee for your mediation. Your fee will be all inclusive of filing fees, court costs, your mediation appointments, communication with our team, and paperwork preparation. Our goal is to help manage the uncertainty you are already feeling by setting your expectations from the beginning. With a litigated divorce, you never know how much it will cost you in the end.

Learn More About The Mediation Process

Your Initial Consultation

    At your free, one-hour consultation appointment, one of our ADS mediators will walk you through the mediation process in detail. In addition, we will answer any questions you may have about divorce and mediation. At the end of the appointment, you will be quoted a one-time flat rate for the entire mediation process and you will be given the opportunity to sign up for our services.

Before Your First Session

    You and your spouse will prepare a set of financial disclosures, which will be explained to you at the initial consultation appointment. If you have any questions, you can contact our team and we will be happy to assist you with completing these documents. Our team will be hard at work preparing the initial court filings, which will be presented to you for your signatures.

    Once your initial court documents have been filed with the court, our team prepares them for personal service in our office. At your first mediation appointment, you will be presented with these filed documents. This will start the California 6 month, 1 day waiting period.

Mediation Session 1

    Your mediator will collect the financial disclosure documents to make sure everything is in order. Remember, since you are in mediation, these forms will remain confidential. Then, the mediator will begin walking you through the mediation appointment by starting a productive and respectful discussion about your divorce settlement.

Remaining Mediation Sessions

    Depending on how complicated your case is, you may attend up to six (6) mediation appointments. If your case is simple, it can be resolved in as little as one (1) mediation appointment. The number of mediations required will be assessed during your initial consultation.

    During these meetings, your ADS mediator will help you resolve issues about child support, spousal support, asset division, debt division, and any other matters that are important to you. Your mediator will guide you through these discussions in a respectful and efficient manner and will make sure you are well informed before you make these important decisions.


    At Alternative Divorce Solutions, we pride ourselves in efficiency. After your final mediation appointment, we present you with a draft of your Stipulated Judgment (Agreement) via e-mail within 7-10 business days. Then, you and your spouse can take your time to review the Agreement to make sure you feel comfortable and happy with what you have agreed to. As long as you and your spouse agree, your mediator can edit the Agreement so it reflects both of your intentions.

Final Document Signing and Notarization

    After you and your spouse are comfortable with the draft, our team will prepare the final documents that will accompany your Agreement for filing with the court. Then, you can come to our office for your notary appointment. Our Notary Public will walk you through all of the necessary signatures in the privacy of our office.

Receive Final Divorce Documents in the Mail

    After we have filed all of your legal documents with the court, we will place them in the mail to you in a neat and organized packet. We will also provide you with a final letter that thanks you for choosing mediation. You can keep this packet for proof of your divorce.

We will always be your team!

    After your mediation process is complete, you can always contact our team for support. We have an expansive network of professionals such as financial experts, accountants, counselors, and estate planning attorneys who can help you along your journey.

Our team is committed to helping you and your family through this difficult time.

The mission of Alternative Divorce Solutions is to keep you and your family out of court. This will save you time, money and heartache. We are committed to giving you the best chance of reaching an agreement out of court. Our exclusive approach to divorce mediation has made us a leader in the industry and our 95% success rate proves that our solutions work.

“Peace is not the absence of conflict but the presence of creative alternatives for responding to conflict.”

— Dorothy Thompson

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