Divorce Doesn’t Have To
Be A War That No One Wins

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Divorce Doesn’t Have To Be A War That No One Wins

Choose A Better Divorce. We’ll Provide The Solutions.
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Renee Shaffar, E.J.D. and Certified Divorce Mediator

Renee Shaffar, E.J.D. and Certified Divorce Mediator, was born and raised in Southern California, where she completed her undergraduate degree in Business Management at Pepperdine University. After college, Renee worked Northrop Grumman Aerospace as a classified document specialist for nine years. Renee’s work as a document specialist sparked her love for the nuances of contracts, but she desired more one on one interaction with her clients. Seeking a way to make a positive difference in people’s lives, Renee obtained her real estate license and worked as a realtor for several years before giving birth to two beautiful sons.

“My own divorce mediation experience gave me a first hand account of how divorce can be handled. You do not have to experience the pain and hardship of a drawn out court battle.”

As a mother, Renee is passionate about setting a positive example for her children and being a pillar of strength and confidence. It wasn’t until Renee’s own divorce that she began to understand the importance of how conflicts are handled and the impact a parent’s decision can have on the lives of their children. Renee chose divorce mediation to handle her own divorce and had the privilege of working with Lani, the founder of Alternative Divorce Solutions.

Lani handled Renee’s divorce with kindness, compassion and professionalism. Renee’s own experience going through divorce prompted her to go to law school, and she began studying at Concord Law School, where she earned her Executive Juris Doctorate, as soon as her divorce was final. After completing law school, Renee trained directly under Lani Baron at the Alternative Divorce Solutions Institute for Best Practices in Divorce Mediation, where she earned her certificate as a divorce mediator. Renee is proud to now be a part of the team that once guided her through her own divorce and is honored to make a positive impact on the lives of families in Long Beach and the surrounding areas.